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Updated: May 10

She was born today, May 7, twenty-three years ago. She was a beautiful baby with a sunny personality—my best Mother's Day gift. I held her minutes after her birth, and I have reveled in her charms ever since.

She grew into a spunky little girl with energy like a cyclone--unstoppable! She helped her big brother get back on his feet--literally. He had been couch-bound after a surgery to remove a tumor. He had taken physical therapy and should have been walking with ease. She loved playing with his toys. He would hurry down the hall to his bedroom to protect his treasures as she crawled gleefully after him.

She is a musician. She was plunking out "Ode to Joy" at five years old on her brother's electric keyboard. She started piano lessons at eight. She became a percussionist at eleven with middle school and high school band. She loved competing and is a vivacious performer. She was a Bluecoat with Drum Corp International and performed a medley of Beatles tunes in a concert-style marching show. She won a silver medal.

She has an infectious laugh, bright and shining blue eyes, and a heart of compassion. She is loyal, tender, and fun-loving. She brightens any day with her smile. She is a joy to behold.

She is my daughter. I love her, and I am proud of her. She is in my heart and forever a part of me. She is my Sunshine Gal!

*This post is part of Five-Minute Fridays.

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