• P Kay Cee

Remedy That!

I wish I had a REMEDY for all the ills, frustrations, anxieties my daughters and sons experience. And given the world is still amid the pandemic, I wish there was a remedy to the fallout of COVID. If I had this REMEDY, I would be SUPER-MOM and even SUPER-GRAMMIE! Note, I have two grandchildren.

Yet, sadly, I do not possess this REMEDY, this magic bullet to cure the ills of the world. Twenty-six years and five and a half months ago, my husband and I faced a crisis when our second-born and first son was diagnosed with a rare disease--Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. What a mouthful! Oh, how I pleaded for that one-time, all powerful, quick-fix REMEDY to cure our son and get our lives back to normal and on track with my mental ideal.

It did not happen.

Instead, I would walk with my son through 12 years of CT scans, MRIs, blood draws, chemotherapy, surgery, and a second diagnosis of scoliosis. Through this confusing and troubling medical journey, I discovered the Ultimate REMEDY--Jesus. I cast all my cares on Him as I fumbled through my days in hospital corridors and the rooms of our home. I sought His presence at night when fear closed around me. I praised His name and thanked Him for His sacrifice for our transgressions that would bring healing.

It worked!

Today, John is 28 years old—healthy and in remission for 12 years; as long as the journey had been, the reward is as long and growing. John has physical and intellectual disabilities, but he is a wonderful young man with a sweet disposition and a big heart. He lives in a group home where he has a full life and friends.

The REMEDY worked. It took time and patience and understanding. God had a plan for John, and His son Jesus is always the REMEDY for my fear.

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