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I breathe, and I am conscious.

Updated: Mar 5

Earlier today, I spoke about the vitality of the breath. When we breathe and really listen to the sound of our breath, we settle into consciousness, the present moment. All other thoughts drop away slowly. In a safe and comfortable space, we can visualize the thoughts that do come into our minds as bubbles which we acknowledge, catch, and then release to float up into the sky. Do we remember how we used to catch soap bubbles as a child? We can do this with your thoughts. Catch our thoughts, put them in a bubble, and let them go to float away. Goodbye worry; goodybye stress. With each breath, we tune into the present moment with more clarity. Again, if that pesky monkey-mind chatter appears, we capture its troublesome thoughts, and then transform them into a butterfly, and let them fly away. Breathe. Release. Breathe. Be present.

As we breathe, we can focus on the warmth of the air and sun on our palms. If we are not at a beautiful beach, we can close our eyes and imagine we are sitting or lying on a beach. We feel the warmth of the sun on our heads, our hands, our feet. Breathe in. Be conscious. Breathe out. Be conscious. We are here in the present moment. We are consciousness. We sense all that surrounds us. We embrace the now.

In The Power of Now, Echkart Tolle explains the idea of consciousness or the present moment. Here is a link to a review of Tolle's book. I will admit it is a dense reading, but if you are interested in delving to the present moment, Tolle will provide the catalyst to greater mindfulness. Tolle wrote a second book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. Here is a website with resources about this book. Tolle composed a third book, Stillness Speaks. You can read an excerpt here.

I read A New Earth in 2008 when Oprah Winfrey had Tolle in her studio for 10 webinars without a life audience. It was the first, to my knowledge, of what we are all accustomed to now--streaming shows on our laptops. I joined each night on my laptop to hear Tolle and Winfrey talks about the concepts of consciousness, the present moment.

This month, I have been re-reading Tolle's book, and I am sharing the book with my younger, college-aged daughter and son. I love the stories about the two Zen monks walking along a road ("Are you still carrying her?" story), and another Zen monk who is accused of fathering a child (the "Is That so?" story) because they illustrate so clearly how self-awareness can be achieved.

You may ask, "What does Tolle's books have to do with breathe and the present moment?" No, I have not digressed. When we breathe and really concentrate on our breath, we are achieving the consciousness that Tolle writes and speaks about. If you want to learn more about consciousness, or mindfulness, then read Tolle's books or view his videos on youtube. Just know that breathing and focusing on your steady inhalation and steady exhalation is and equals being mindful. And being mindful will help us be less stressful and hence, more healthy. When we raise our awareness in our breath, we elevate our awareness of our health in our body, our mind, and our spirit.

I am a bookish person. I like to read and write and learn. I like to pass on the knowledge that I have gained which may help another person. I hope that this post has helped you.

Peace and joy to you.

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