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Hindsight 2020-Clear Vison

Updated: Mar 5

Our youngest son was set to graduate in May 2020. When his senior year began in August 2019, I thought, "Cool, the senior theme can be Clear Vision, 20/20." Wow! What a hindsight vision I perceive now as we are over one month into 2021. I reflect on the last twelve months, and I wonder what I can glean from this tumultuous time--COVID, political tensions, racism, and many high school seniors who did not have the full expected experience of graduation and transition to the classic college experience of in-person classes, concerts, clubs, art shows, sports games with full stadiums. My heart aches for all of them.

What will they look back on when they attend high school reunions? "Hey, remember when we were remote from the last 3 months of school? Remember how we could not have prom, or graduation parties? Remember how we all had to settle for virtual graduation, or mock-up stages at our homes, or in-person graduation wearing masks and social distancing?" The phrases remote learning, social distancing, and wear a mask could define their generation, but I do not think that these young adults will let that be their legacy or their future.

Yes, we can commend these seniors for their bravery, courage, perseverance, and tenacity. They are all fine character qualities that will serve these young persons well in the adult lives. Still, they were still children (less than 18 years) or just barely adults (only just 18 or 19 years old) when the world and how we now live did a 180 degree turn. I think these young persons have the similar prospects of the future as those young people in 1929 when the Great Depression hit -- ones of "What can we count on?" "When will this disaster end?" They are all in the same boat, and they all want to not only survive but thrive at life. They have dreams, ambitions, and motivations that we adults in our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond had at their age.

I have great faith in these young adults in their early 20s. They will be the conquerors of the unease that 2020 brought upon the world. They will be the champions of a kind, unified world. They will make greater strides toward peace, harmony, and understanding than we older folks can only imagine.

I salute the young people who valiantly walk forward into the now of 2021 and the future of 2022 and beyond. I am rooting for your successes, I support you, I will listen to your dreams, and I cheer you on to the realization of your most impactful visions.

I hope that foresight is stronger than hindsight. Learn from the past, but move onward confidently into the NOW, where you will discover ways to make the FUTURE brighter.

Take care. Be safe. Love yourselves, young people, and seek to understand others.

You are my heroes! Breathe and believe!! Joy and peace to you.

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