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I am a 20-year yoga devotee, a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and an Essential Oils Specialist.  I value the importance of breath and movement to connect one to the present moment, which is all we have--now.

When I am not practicing yoga, I am in the garden planting and watering or walking on nature trails. I make skincare products with essential oils and topical applications for anxiety and depressions. I also love to buy and sell antiques.

I love animals, so my house is busy with two Rat Terriers, a parakeet, and a fancy Russian hamster.

I am a blogger, a Christian writer, a children's writer, and a writing tutor.

I love words and the power that they carry to convey deep thoughts and positive, life-affirming messages. Life is projected through words and actions. 

My favorite authors are Emily Dickinson, Marilyn Robinson, Harper Lee, Eckhart Tolle, and Robert Frost.

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